Sunday, June 24, 2012


The hanging basket our wonderful neighbors brought over for my birthday.
Where to begin ... well it was a busy week ... I actually had to go into the office for two days and work this week (thank goodness my mom was on vacation this week to watch the little man). We also made the decision that I am going to work 2 days a week from now on in the office until we get someone trained to handle the front desk. Little man will be starting daycare (preschool) next week on those two days each week, which he will enjoy ... its just a lot of driving for us!

The items needed for homemade laundry soap.
Even being busy at work,  I was busy again in the kitchen.  I made four loaves of homemade white bread (2 on Tuesday and 2 on Saturday - we were out!), brownies, and homemade laundry soap (for the first time).  I choose to make a powdered laundry soap after reading a lot of pros and cons online about both.  My thought process was that it didn't take very long to make the powdered kind so that if I wasn't happy with the results at least I wasn't out a lot of my time.  We have done about a half dozen loads of laundry with it and it seems to be working pretty well.  I will try to keep you all posted on my thoughts about our laundry soap!

The rooster heading to a new home
We managed to get rid of our extra rooster this week also.  He will be going to a home (here in Gaston) where he will get to be over a flock of 10 to 12 ladies and have 4 acres to free-range on (sounds like a good life to me!)  As far as the rest of our flock goes ... not much else has changed, but I'm going to add some pictures that I've taken this week.  We are anxiously awaiting for August to arrive so that we start getting eggs from our little ladies.

A Cuckoo Marans hen
One of the Black Copper Marans Roosters that we are keeping ... now he needs a name.

Outside their coop ... using the day use only area.

This one is becoming one of my favorites
The "Easter Eggers" seem to like having their pictures taken more than the other birds ... or they are my favorite and that's why we end up with more pictures of them!

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  1. That's the same recipe I've been using for our laundry detergent. I've been making it for awhile now & have no complaints. I don't know if it's any better than store bought, but it's certainly not worse than store bought. And, it's cheaper. Ok, I do have one complaint. I hate grating the fels-naptha soap. I'm not sure if a different soap would be softer, therefore easier to grate.