Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whats Your Favorite Flavor?

This week has been full of experimentation, and I think it was positive!  I have decided to make my own homemade extracts.  I currently have vanilla, lemon, and mint extract in the aging process.  After doing some additional research I am excited to get some additional flavors going.  I am looking at trying to make the following extracts:  chocolate, coconut, orange, coffee, hazelnut, and cinnamon.  I also think that I have came up with some simple little labels for my bottles.

Homemade Extracts
Now on to the birds ... here is our latest pictures of our Black Copper Marans. In the first picture you can see the difference between the cockerel (right) and the pullet (left). In the second, one of our ladies taking a break.

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