Monday, July 2, 2012

Guess Whats FINALLY Done!!!

 I know with a title like that the people who know me are expecting it to be my 1967 bathroom remodel ... and at that I laugh histarically!!!  So, no not my bathroom ... but my vanilla extract has been waiting for 6 weeks.  This week is the week I finally got to try it, bottle it, and but labels on it.  I also bottled my mint extract (it had been around for about 4 weeks and the other blogs I have read said that when the mint starts to turn brown you should pull it).  I decided to bottle in both 2 oz and 4 oz sizes.  Here are some photos of what it turned up looking like:

Vanilla Extract

Mint Extract
We have managed to sell 2 of our bottles of Vanilla Extract (priced at 2 oz for $5, and 4 oz for $8) over the weekend which makes me want to try other flavors if there is a demand.  We also managed to trade a 4 oz bottle of each Vanilla and Mint to our friends for Tomato Plants (since we didn't do a garden this year my husband was excited to have a few plants) and a Tomatillo Plant (which I have never used ... but our friends said I could make a green salsa out of it - will need to do some recipe search when we get some!)  I also managed to picked up the dried oregano that I had bartered eggs for last month!

On to the chickens ... not much has changed in our chicken world this week.  Our year old Rhode Island Reds are giving us 5 - 7 eggs a day on average so we have plenty to eat and bake with.  As for our new ladies we are just waiting till August for eggs from them.  The two French Black Copper Marans Roosters did get names this week.  The more dominate one my husband named "Echo" and the other is going to be called "Zeek".  Its nice to go out there and have names to call them ... the rest of the flock might end up getting named after all :)

This is Echo.

The back side of Echo

An Easter Egger

Another Easter Egger (who I wonder if it is actually a boy?)

This is Zeek

Another one of Zeek
Well, thats this weeks update from our little "farm" ... I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July (not sure what we are doing yet ... but I might post about it next week!)

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