Sunday, July 15, 2012

I thought is was suppose to be MEAN girls ... not around here.

I'm going to start this week off by saying that I dislike our Cuckoo Marans Roosters.  Of the roosters we currently have they are the meanest.  They are mean to not only the other roosters but they are also extremely rough on our young hens.  With that being said I really need to find them a home with no other roosters and probably older hens that will put them in their places.  If they don't go live somewhere soon I am actually getting to the point where I am ok with them becoming dinner (I never thought that I would be ok with it ... however, the way they have been acting this week they need to go - one way or the other!). 

Meanie - aka soon to be "dinner"

The other Cuckoo Rooster

As for other happenings around the "farm" three more of our questionables actually started to crow (the second Cuckoo Marans and two Easter Eggers - which I had suspected where all boys so not a huge surprise).  I am pretty sure that we are down to one questionable chicken (Todd thinks its a rooster but I am not convinced - its the Easter Egger that we have sleeping in the dog crate since it can't get along with either of my flocks).

So, at this time we have decided to keep the 2 French Black Copper Marans Roosters (Echo and Zeek photographed in a previous post) and we are going to hold on to 2 of the Easter Egger Roosters at this time.  Let me introduce you to Charlie and Copper:

This is Charlie.

Charlie stared crowing this week.

This is Copper.

Copper started crowing this week also.

I also managed to do some bartering this week ... hazelnuts for eggs!!!  I plan on using the hazelnut to make Hazelnut Extract (which I have going), trying to make homemade Nutella, and will have to have Hazelnut Chicken at least a few times!!!  I managed also to use eggs as a tip for our hairdresser for my sons haircut (she was thrilled and I had extras).

Some of the hazelnuts that we traded for and that are in the extract.
My kitchen has been extremely busy (even with the warm weather) ... this week I made 2 loaves of White Bread (Todd and Easton's favorite), 4 1/2 dozen Triple Chip Cookies, and a Triple Berry Cornmeal Cake (the recipe was from over at  I also bottled the lemon and cinnamon extracts and started new batches of Vanilla, Orange, and Cinnamon Extracts (along with the Hazelnut).

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