Monday, August 27, 2012

A Busy Kitchen

So this past week was extremely busy. We started last Sunday by driving to the middle of no-where (my husband's co-worker lives there) and picking apples ... who would have known it was a day trip that ended up with lunch out since we were starving. Once we arrived at the co-workers house I was amazed with the amount of fruit trees they had (I honestly wished they lived closers so we could visit more often) ... they had plum trees, lots of different types of apple trees, and some peach trees (unfortuanetly they didn't do good this year). We ended up bartering 3 dozen eggs (its only the 2 of them) for as many apples as we wanted. I think we scored on this one!!! We ended up picking about a 100 apples ... they were small compared to your store bought, but for the price and knowing they were semi-local (remember day trip!!!) it made it completely worth the work.

After our great apple adventure on Sunday, my husband and son were in the mood to continue picking. Monday morning they ventured to Jossy Farms and picked 53 lbs of Veteran peaches. They also met up with Jen from and dropped off Mo Didly. Jen was not only nice enough to take Mo she also sent home Zucchinis and Squash from her garden, and brought the 2 roosters back processed (the ones we sent to them about a month ago ... Meanie and his brother!) ... and for those of you that are worried that is not the fate of Mo (Jen wants him to possibly put in with her Easter Egger hens for possible chicks).

Now what was I to do with all this fruit. We ended up canning 31 quarts of peaches this week (that was an experience since it was my first time canning peaches) and 7 quarts and 7 pints of Apple Pie Filling. I still had enough to make an Apple Crisp for cabining over the long weekend. I also made 2 loaves of Zucchinni Bread for camping (and I still have 4 or 5 more to deal with).

As for our ladies ... they are doing great ... I think we now have everyone laying. We did have a surprise when I finally figured out this week that our white egg is not coming from our Easter Eggers ... it is actually coming from a hen that was suppose to be a Cuckoo Marans ... hmmm what another disappointment from the hatchery that we bought them from. So, I now need to do some reseach and find out what type of bird she really is.

Egg Count:

Week of August 12 - August 18: 90 eggs (47 RIRs, 21 BCMs, 11 Cuckoos, and 11 EE)
Week of August 19 - August 25: 103 eggs (42 RIRs, 22 BCMs, 10 Cuckoos, and 29 EE)

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