Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let Me Introduce you to Mo Didly

So, here's his story. Mo Didly is an Easter Egger from our 2012 batch, whos sex has been questionable for awhile now. I would say his story started out back in the middle of June when my other roosters attached him. Feeling sorry for the poor chicken (and not knowing for sure its sex at that time) we seperated him from the rest of the 2012 chickens. We let him free range during the day and then we keep him locked up in a dog crate at night (to keep him safe from prediators). This has happened everyday since (other than the 2 days that we tried to introduce him back into the flock (once in with his same age chicken and the other in with the older hens - both were epic fails and Mo got his butt kicked).

Well, long story short ... all of our roosters up here (the same age as Mo) have been crowing for at least a month so Todd and I thought that maybe he was a hen (maybe it was just wishful thinking ... look at those tail feathers, sure tell sign of a rooster!). So when we were getting rid of the roosters we didn't want we kept Mo. He has continued his free range days and dog crate nights ... until today.

This morning I went out to the let chickens out of the houses, as normal in the morning. First I let out Mo Didly, then I moved on to the Rhode Island Reds, and then lastly to the new coop (the Black Copper Marans, Cuckoo Marans, and Easter Eggers). After opening everything up and checking food I went back to check the coops for eggs ... on my way to the RIR coop Mo grabbed ahold of my pajama pants and wouldn't let go (ok - I wasn't dressed yet, my neighbors were at work and the hubby was gone and Easton and I were having a lazy morning). After shaking him off, then he came back and pecked at the top of my shoe, I looked down and scolded it (probably a few cuss words) ... usually he is very friendly so I was a little taken back by this mornings activities ... then he cock-a-doodle-do'd at me.

With all that being said ... I think it is time for Mo to find a new home ... so if anyone wants him, please let me know.

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