Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Boots, New Eggs, and Heat

So what have we been up to lately on our little “farm” … It seems like we have been extremely busy but I don’t really have much news to report. I hit a great sale at Coastal the other weekend … and found a bargain on boots for my little man … we got $40 camo boots on sale for $22 (and in case anyone was wondering I would have NEVER spent $40 on a pair of boots). Little man was really excited with them, so when we came home he put them on and has wanted to wear them everywhere since (at least it made it easy to get rid of this holey fireman boots).

These are the green eggs from our Easter Eggers.

On to actual “farm” news … we switched the ladies food to 100% USDA certified organic a few weeks ago. I consider that a MAJOR accomplishment for me … hubby has been fighting me on it since we got the ladies last year, but I finally convinced him that the cost of organic feed was well worth it (even if he couldn’t see the monetary value the health value is tremendous!) The week also marks the start of our Easter Eggers beginning to lay … we received our first mint colored egg on Friday, a more olive colored egg yesterday, and another mint colored egg today. I can’t wait until all of them are laying (I believe we have 7) so we can see the variety of eggs. Also, since my last post I started keeping a spread sheet as to how many eggs we receive each day, subtotaled each week, and again added monthly (I also broke it down to which breed of hens accounted for the daily eggs). For example (so far today) we have received 10 eggs (4 RIRs, 2 BCM, 3 Cuckoos, and 1 EE). This number does not take into account any broken or unusable eggs. I think that I will try to post the total weekly egg count if possible so you can see where we are at also.

Our Sunday collection of eggs.

Week of July 22 – 28: 57 eggs (42 RIRs, 9 BCMs, 6 Cuckoos, and 0 EE)
Week of July 29 – August 4: 71 eggs (43 RIRs, 17 BCMs, 9 Cuckoos, and 2 EE)

The only other thing that I can report from our little “farm” this week is our spike in temperatures. Yesterday it was about 100 degrees here … way too hot for me and way too hot for the ladies. We made sure to keep their water cool and we brought them home a wonderful treat of watermelon. They absolutely love watermelon (I wish I would have taken photos to share with you – hopefully I will remember next time). Today is not quite as bad it was in the low 90s last time I checked and the ladies seem to be coping with it a little better. I hope everyone had a good weekend and has a productive week next week.

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