Friday, August 17, 2012

What a White Egg?

So, last weekend we went away to Tillamook for County Fair weekend ... and we had a blast!!! It was nice to get away for a couple days and spend time with my family! Hubby watched the "farm" on Friday while we were away and then joined us Saturday morning after his morning chores. Our wonderful neighbors kept an eye out for our ladies for us on Saturday, collected the eggs, locked everyone in their coops at night, and let everyone out Sunday morning since we wouldn't be home until later in the day.

I went down Monday to talk with our neighbors to see how everything went while we were gone and she stated that they ended up with 9 eggs (several brown, a green, and a couple white). When she said white, I thought she was just talking about really light blue/green eggs ... until yesterday when I went out to the coop and low and behold a white egg. I'm thinking that our Easter Eggers (the three blondies) are throwing white eggs. I was a little disappointed since we got the Easter Eggers for their colored eggs, but after having a day to think about it I guess it really doesn't matter ... it just adds another color to our egg basket.

We are now up to brown eggs, chocolate colored eggs, blue (robin egg colored) eggs, a green tinted egg, and now our white eggs. Hopefully this coming week I will remember to take a picture of our full egg basket with the assortment.

Week of August 5 - August 11: 71 eggs (35 RIRs, 17 BCMs, 9 Cuckoos, and 10 EE) *plus eggs the neighbors collected which I didn't count in our count.

Mo Didly Update: We have found a home for Mr. Mo Didly. He will be going to live with Farmer John and family starting on Monday!!! He really is a pretty bird ... we just have too many roosters to keep him!


  1. That sucks! I've been bummed that none of ours layed a pink egg. But, at least they all lay green/blue eggs. That's interesting that the white ones are coming from the same type of chickens. But, an egg's an egg. They all serve the same purpose, no matter what the color. Still a bummer, though.

    What did you end up doing with the 71 eggs?

    1. Oh Jen - the eggs were easy to get rid of we went to Tillamook and took 6 dozen there ... my parents, brother, grandparents and cousin all got eggs. This last week the ladies laid 90 eggs of which 2 dozen went to Todds co-workers, 2 1/2 dozen went to Todd's dad, Fran, and Jenny, and another 3 dozen was bartered off to one of Todd's friends ... just wait for my next post to see what we got in return ... lets just say it will be alot of work but worth it :) I also keep a list with my egg count as to who wants eggs ... we currently have 21 people willing to buy, trade, or take eggs depending on our need and how desperate we are to get rid of the eggs. I know that I already have 2 1/2 dozen spoken for this week and its only Monday.

    2. Wow, you are far more on the ball than we are. We tend to give eggs to whoever we see, usually my parents or sister. We don't have anybody to actually pay for the eggs, though. Or even barter. We have to work on that.

  2. Oh, btw, I've been using your vanilla in all the zucchini bread I've been making. I will probably need to buy some more soon, if you have any left.

  3. Jen - glad the vanilla is working out for you! I have a pint jar that is ready to be bottled ... so hopefully I can get it bottled this weekend. It is in line behind peaches, apples, and zucchini that all needs to be dealt with by the end of this coming weekend (I also have cinnamon, orange, and maybe hazelnut extract to bottle).