Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Its been a month ... OOOPPS!

So, this last month has been really busy ... not a lot of things getting done on our little "farm", however we are starting to get ready for winter.  Fall is definitely amongst us ... even though there is NO rain in sight the cool mornings are a sure sign.  I met my mom last weekend and we made our first trip out to the pumpkin batch of the year to pick up mini hay bales for decorating our porches.  I also managed to get a cute carved/wooden pumpkin.  By the end of this coming weekend I hope to have my house decorated for Fall and Halloween ... we started last weekend, but  didn't get it finished.

I couldn't do a blog post without a few of our most recent photos.  Here is some of our flock out in the run ... with our remaining two roosters (we ended up getting rid of Copper and Echo - they were really loud and I'm not sure the neighbors appreciated it ... and truthfully some days either did I).  Charlie is the rooster in the back and Zeek is the one up front.
Oh, and my hubby was testing out his new camera and got a shot of Kia (our Lab) in her kennel ... she is definitely begging him to let her out.

SO, pretty much that is our update from here ... hopefully I will be going back to weekly posts as Fall continues and we end up staying home more.  Plus hopefully I will have some more fun things that we are doing up here ... I know I need to start looking into incubators and hatching if that is where we are headed this spring.

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