Saturday, October 13, 2012

The rain is here!

I will start this blog post with a warning ... by the end of this winter I will be telling you how much I HATE the rain and how I really wish the sun was here.  With that being said I am thankful that it is raining today (and started yesterday) ... it was needed.  With the rain the fire danger has finally dropped, the dust is getting knocked down, and the plants are loving it.  On the other hand I'm not sure that our chickens are thinking its great ... for our first year chicks this has really been the first rain in months and it seems that it definitely affected their laying yesterday (we only got 2 eggs from the 12 new ladies) ... hopefully they will get used to this and start producing again.

We don't seem to have many outside project going around the "farm" right now ... the hubby has been to busy working and now hunting.  I do want to get garlic planted in the next few weeks (we will see if it actually happens) so that it will be ready next summer.  Other than that we need to do a fall cleanup outside: take down all the hanging baskets that have died, clear off the porches, get fall decorations up (we made it to the pumpkin patch yesterday), and get ready for winter to be here.

Inside projects have been setting up the bunk bed in Easton's room ...which he loves and canning some lemonade concentrate.  This weekend I will be doing some baking, we will be having homemade soup for dinner, and we are also canning the tuna that got put in the freezer a couple months ago.  I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy weather and hopefully I will have photos of something for my next post.

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