Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pipped? Happy Thursday!!!

Its already the end of January ... this month few by!  We have exciting news here ... our first set of eggs went into the incubator on Friday, January 11th.  For the longest time I didn't think we had any viable eggs, however, since it had been sooo cold out!  But about a week ago I finally saw a chick move inside of one of the Rhode Island Red Eggs (daddy is a French Black Copper Marans), I had a really hard time trying to see inside the Green/Blue Eggs (Easter Egger) and the Dark Brown Eggs (French Black Copper Marans).

So, as of this morning the eggs are all in lock-down and I saw a little piece of shell had came off one of the Easter Egger eggs (daddy is also an Easter Egger) and my 4 year old and I heard so chirping!!!  We are hoping that today is hatch day and that I can get a few photos to share with you ... check in throughout the day and weekend for additional updates!!!

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