Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coop #3 (able to house the chickens, however needs to be finished!)


Coops #1 and #2

The coop (#3) is not completely done, however, it was secure so that the chickens could move in.  This morning my husband had to install the feeder for them, construct nest boxes, and is currently working on picking up the area (I will have to post some more pictures once it doesn't look like a construction zone out there).  But for now, the birds are safe and secure and thats what really matters (the mess is just annoying!).
Roost in the Coop #3
For the last week or so the only thing my husband has been worried about is getting Coop #3 ready to move the French Black Copper Marans into.  We need to get them seperated out so that we can start breeding straight French Black Copper Marans (the hens were in with the Easter Egger Rooster, and the Rooster was in with the Rhode Island Red hens) ... so last night all the French Black Copper Marans got moved into their new home together.

Zeke and one of his French Black Copper Marans

Also, yesterday when we were out transferring the chickens to the new coop I collected eggs ... and after 6 months of our one chicken not laying we finally had a white egg in the coop (she is the only chicken we have that lays a white egg!).  So here it is on top ... its a tiny little egg.


I guess I should give you a couple pictures of Hatch #2 ... they are growing like weeds.  I also found out yesterday that Hatch #1 ended up having 3 hens and 3 roosters ... I guess a 50/50 split seems realistic! :)

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will try to post again later in the week if I get a chance!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Such a pretty collection of eggs. Is it an Easter Egger that layed a white egg?

    1. No she was suppose to be a Cuckoo Marans (one from the questionable hatchery!!!) and after Todd gets home today I don't know if she will be with us any longer ... I have went outside three times this afternoon and everytime she is picking out Charlies feathers ... they last time she has taken out so many his back had blood on it ... I would go in there and seperate him, but he attacks me! So, when Todd gets home he will probably have to seperate Charlie out (to give him time to heal) and get rid of the stupid black hen (I'm not really sure what breed she is!). GRRR ... the not so fun side of chicken farming today! :)