Friday, March 1, 2013

Hatch #2 Overview (so far)

So, our second batch went into the incubator on Friday, February 8th with approximately 38 eggs in it.  About 2 weeks in I pulled 13 eggs out which were showing no signs of fertilization.  Monday, February 25 I locked down the incubator and hoped for the best.  I had a hard time trying to get the temperature stabilized on Monday which had me worried about my hatch rate.  Tuesday we waited and by noon on Wednesday we could hear peeping through the egg shells inside the incubator!  We have our first pip on Wednesday afternoon and our first chick arrived about 9:30 pm Wednesday night ... and then nothing ... went to bed at 11 pm and still nothing ... woke up at 4 am nothing, nothing, nothing ... then my husband got up for work at 5:30 and came back in and told me that chick #1 had a friend!!!  By the time I woke up at 7 am Thursday morning we had 5 chicks in the incubator.  A wonderful start!

The first chicks that hatched.
Then Thursday was an eventful day ... it seemed like every time we checked there was a newly hatched chicken ... first it was 6, then 8, 10, 13, and I think when I went to bed I counted around 18 (hard to count when they are all moving around inside the tiny incubator).  This morning we decided to pull the chicks that were dry and fluffy out of the incubator and put them in the brooding tub ... I knew this could be bad for the eggs left, but the chicks were stepping on each other and needed room. 

My son was obsessed with Egg #8

The yellow one on the bottom is Egg #8.
I started putting the chicks that were in the incubator into the tub we were transferring them to the brooder in and my heart sank ... as I removed some I saw one just laying there.  I told my husband "I think we have a dead chick", and no sooner did I get the words out of my mouth it started to move ... my husband quickly said "I think it just hatched" ... so quickly we got the rest of the 18 we were moving out of the incubator and left the newly hatched one along with 2 others that looked like they could use a little extra time in there.  I'm hoping that it will make it ... I have checked on it several times and it seems to be doing ok.

As a recap of the 25 eggs that we locked-down as of 10am Friday morning I have 18 chicks in the brooding tub and 3 chicks in the incubator along with 4 eggs that haven't done anything (yet).

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