Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More than just Chickens

The past few days have been focused on additions to our little "farm", but these ones don't need to be fed or watered.  The first addition was that we went out to my friend's nursery and picked up 6 fruit trees.  My husband received these as payment for doing some welding for her.  We ended up with 3 -Oregon Peach Trees, 1 - Honey Crisp Apple Tree, 1 - Gala Apple Tree, and 1 - Bartlett Pear Tree.  We are very excited to get these in the ground ... it will be a nice addition to our current trees (2 Bartlett Pear Trees, 1 Plum Tree, and 2 Apple Trees) ... hopefully in 10 years we will have a nice little orchard going.

Our new trees.

Our little man also helped this weekend dig up my dead Bluebird Hibiscus Tree that was in between the walk ways up to the house and planted a new one in this space.  I'm hoping that this one survives ... they are so pretty.  It would be a great addition out my kitchen window.

Little Man digging up my dead tree.

Our last addition over the last few days was that my husband and father-in-law started construction of my greenhouse!!!  I am very excited ... I can't wait for it to be up so that I can start planting.  It is 10 x 12 feet, which should be a nice size.

Construction of the Greenhouse.

I hope everyone else has had as exciting last couple of days as we have here.  I will post more pictures as spring progresses and we get plants started and our little "farm" cleaned up!

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  1. So many projects, so little time!

    We need to get a few more fruit trees, too. We have a couple that are doing ok, but many have died.

    1. Isn't that your life Jen!!! I'm really happy that Todd was able to barter his skills for the fruit trees ... it was nice to get some that were more established than bare roots (from Bi-Mart) like the first trees that we planted!!! I can't wait until we are able to can our own fruit from our own trees :)