Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Signs of Spring

I finally feel like spring maybe around the corner ... the birds are enjoying their free range, the fish are biting at the lake, and plants are actually starting to come back.  I'm hoping this will be the inspiration I need to get a greenhouse this weekend and to get some vegetables going.

One of our big girls (RIR) out free ranging.
Zeke, our French Black Copper Marans Rooster with two of the RIRs (please disregard the items that need to be picked up in our yard - thank goodness spring is here!)
Ohhh yeah, I said the fish were biting!

I don't really have much to report this week ... the hubby was out of town working over the weekend and I spent it doing household chores and lots of baking.  Then I had my father-in-law up for dinner on his birthday on Monday.  I do have some pictures of the week to share of our growing babies.

RIR x French Black Copper Marans

Speaking of babies, I am about ready to put our next batch of eggs in the incubator.  They should be going in on Friday and then the 21 days of waiting!  This batch will all be the RIR x French Black Copper Marans ... the few that hatched last time are so cute.

A picture of the eggs getting ready for the incubator.

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  1. I bet your chickens were happy to get out & play. :) I love the pic of your to-be-incubated eggs. Those chicks were cute! I wonder why there aren't more of them around. We started a batch yesterday. I'm expecting most of them to be fertile, but I'm feeling very impatient waiting 'til Saturday to candle them.

    1. Yes, they were very happy to be out and about ... we try to let each group out at least once or twice a week ... depending on the weather and my mood (its hard to let Charlie out some days, when I don't want to deal with him attacking me!). I'm excited that you started a batch yesterday, mostly Easter Eggers again??? I can't wait to hear how its going for you and knowing that I will only be 3 days behind you on this hatch!!!

  2. Chicks are so cute! My boys are itching to get more hatched out soon!

    1. We love chicks ... I just but a batch of RIRs crossed with a Black Copper Marans rooster in the incubator yester (35 eggs) ... and can't wait for a week to see how many of them look promising (aka fertilized!!!) ... thanks for stopping by and have a great day (and hopefully a great hatch soon!!!)