Monday, April 22, 2013

Chore Day

Today was a chore day around our house ... my hubby was working out of town last week and on night shifts ... when he got home yesterday (Sunday) he really just wanted to sleep, so today became Chore Day! 

While the hubby was away last week we had a boat load of chicken drama ... we are going into our third spring with chickens and the last week has been worse that the last two years combined.  It started with one day (Thursday?) when I went out to take pictures of the littles and noticed I had a dead French Black Copper Marans hen in Coop #1 ... so I had to deal with that.

Later that night when I went to put the chickens in Coop #1 away I notice that the RIRs were literally pecking out the feathers of our two remaining French Black Copper Marans hens ... so I grabbed both of the hens and they have been living in cat carriers (isolated) until we could make coop changes today.

Then on Saturday night I went out to put the littles in Coop #3 and found their heat lamp was burnt out (it is still freezing here at night!) ... and for the life of me I couldn't find our extra bulb (of course I couldn't get a hold of the hubby since he was working) ... after lots of drama and phone calls I found out one of my hubby's relatives (who lives less than 5 minutes away) had one so I didn't have to run 20 minutes to town at dusk with the 4 year old in tow.  Thank goodness for family.

So today was about making changes.  First thing first my husband had to get rid of a rooster (Charlie) as he was very aggressive towards my little man and myself.  Then all the Coops were cleaned and the bedding changed.  The littles who had been in Coop #3 were moved in with the year olds in Coop #2 (all seems to be going well so far).  Then the two French Black Copper Marans were moved into Coop #3 by themselves so that they can rest and grow their feathers back.  The babies in the house were moved into the partitioned "nursery" in Coop #2 also so that we have a clean brooder for Hatch #4 (scheduled to hatch this coming weekend - if all goes well!). 

The boys also managed to get the remaining 4 fruit trees planted today which was a great accomplishment since the weather is suppose to be in the 70s this week and the hubby is starting long shifts again tomorrow (at least on days this week!).

Little man and me did get outside this evening though and took a few pictures ... I love how he takes his little camera with him and snaps away ... maybe I'll have to do a blog post featuring his photos ... hmmm.  Here are some of the flowers and trees growing around here:

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys the coming week.

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  1. I totally think you should do a post of just his photos. I'd like to see them & he would think it's so cool to see them on mom's blog. My boys are very interested in my blogs & facebook. Occasionally they'll ask me if they can have their own blog. I'm thinking I might let them post pics of their lego creations on my blog & then write about them.

    We had our own drama just a little bit ago. I asked the kids to grab the new turkeys so we could take a couple pics. When they went to get them, one was dead. :( It seemed fine just a couple hours ago. I feel awful for the one turkey left, who's now probably going to die of loneliness.

    Good luck on your next hatch!!!

    1. Awwww ... sorry abot your little turkey! Darn it ... I hate it when all seems to be going well then all of a sudden "drama" occurs! Maybe you need to find a friend for your lonely little turkey??? I think I will do a post of little man's pictures ... maybe I will get them together and do a post at the end of the month for his birthday!!!