Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a Spring Day!

Well, the weather in northwest Oregon has not been very pleasant over the last week or so.  Over the weekend we had extreme wind gusts  - which knocked panels off of my new greenhouse (at least they didn't break).  Lesson learned to make sure we have enough clips to secure it!  However, today is a different story ... I woke up to a sunny morning! 

Here are some photos of the day:
Some of the 6 week old chicks (I opened the door to their run ... but some stayed inside!)

More pics of the 6 week olds

The big girls and Zeke were happy to get out and about
Our Peach Trees are starting to bloom.

Flowers waiting to be planted (hopefully this weekend!

And here's a current photo of our week old RIR x FBCMs (they are pretty shy at this point):

I think that is a pretty good summary of whats going on here ... we also put a new batch of eggs into the incubator on Monday, so we are waiting our 21 days again!  I am thankful that this is our last batch of the spring!  We put in 41 eggs (15 French Black Copper Marans, 6 Easter Eggers - from blue shells, 6 - Easter Eggers - from green shells, 7 - Olive Eggers, and 7 - RIR x French Black Copper Marans) ... I will keep you updated when we candle next week as to what i fertilized!  I'm hoping to sell these chicks as I don't feel we really need any more!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. Awww I love your pictures, especially those little babies! I can't get enough of baby chick pics. Also, I'm pretty sure Zeke is the best rooster name I've ever heard!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by ... I do love chick pics!!! I can't believe that we have our last batch for the spring in the incubator and only about 2 weeks left until they hatch ... but that is also a blessing, since so many babies is alot of work! I'm glad you like Zeke's name ... we originally had two French Black Copper Marans roosters, the other was Echo ... I think my husband was into watching "Lost" at the time!

  2. I love the chicks! We’re getting some RIRs in June and I’m so excited. It will be our first time keeping chickens. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop! Look forward to having you back tomorrow.

    1. We love the RIRs ... super sweet ladies that lay well (ours are in their third spring) ... It will be a great experience for you! :) If I can get a post together I will definately link up ... if not I will definately be stopping by and see whats going on with the other great blogs!!! Thanks for hosting!!!